What is the all-on-four treatment?


A beautiful smile is for a lifetime; however, the economic costs may not be as affordable as we
would like. This is due to the number of implants and the time it takes to perfectly carryout the
treatment correctly.

When looking for the most appropriate treatment, there are many techniques in implantology:
Fixed prostheses and removable prostheses, hybrid prostheses, etc., different prosthetic
materials: porcelain, resins, high aesthetic resins, etc. In Asensio Advanced Dentistry, thanks to
the latest technological advances, we are particularly proud to offer you the revolutionary all-
on-four technique, that will allow you to wear your best smile at an affordable price without
altering the quality.

With this technique, you will achieve a permanent perfect smile in a single day, and reduce

The All-on-4 is the placement of four dental implants, where a fixed full-arch prosthesis is fixed
at the same moment in which the surgery is performed.

This effective treatment, performed by qualified dentists in Asensio Advanced Dentistry,
represents an advancement in dental implantology.

The main objective is to replace all the teeth in a single day, with fewer implants than usual,
without altering the quality and durability of the intervention.