What is a stomatologist doctor?

Despite the similarity with the word stomach, a stomatologist has nothing to do with any specialty related to the stomach. http://yesand.co.uk/category/solution-focus/page/10/ Stomatology is an area of ​​medicine that studies diseases, anatomy, and physiology related to the mouth. Therefore, a stomatologist will be in charge of diagnosing, treating, and preventing those cases related to the field of stomatology.

The periodontium, the teeth, the neuromuscular system, the temporomandibular joint, and the structures of the oral cavity are examples of the areas that a stomatologist is in charge of.

What are the differences between a stomatologist and a dentist?

A stomatologist has a degree in Medicine and Surgery, while a dentist has a degree in Dentistry.

Despite having studied different careers, the skills of both degrees are the same, so the main difference between the two is in the title obtained. Another difference that exists is that the stomatologist can practice general medicine.

http://siftstar.com/story-arcs-change-business-strategy/ Since both diagnose, treat and prevent all oral pathologies, if you need to attend any type of oral care, you can go to either of them without any problem.


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Within the dental aesthetics sector, the invisible orthodontics has been positioning itself as one of the most innovative and requested treatments in recent years. According to the digital newspaper La Vanguardia, “the market for invisible orthodontics has grown at a rate of 12.6% every year since 2016”.

But what are the reasons that have made invisible orthodontics grow in popularity and be increasingly requested?

The main reason why most people prefer this type of treatment over traditional orthodontics is its high aesthetic value. Invisalign has transparent splints that replace the classic brackets and these will be in charge of correcting the position of the teeth. By replacing the braces with transparent splints, the treatment is more discreet, since other people will not notice who is wearing this type of orthodontics.

Moreover, Invisalign is a cleaner treatment than other orthodontics. The person who uses it does not have things stuck to the teeth, which means the covers can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. It should also be noted that it does not scratch the lips or the gums and by not using metal wires, there is no accumulation of plaque around the areas where the brackets are placed.

Another reason that has helped in this growth in popularity is the technological advances such as touch screens that integrate X-rays, intraoral scanners, or reconstruction that provide advantages when making diagnoses, allowing treatments to be less invasive and the result to be more precise.

These reasons make the patient satisfied with both the process and the result obtained and there is a high probability that they will end up recommending INVISALIGN abroad to people who are thinking of going to their dentist in Valencia to get orthodontia.

At Asensio Advanced Dentistry, we have the DIAMOND level granted by INVISALIGN, the highest level that can be achieved, which proves our great experience with this technique and allows us to offer the best prices.

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