Telva Estilo de Vida summed up the festivities in detail. You can see the full article by clicking on the image.

“The party of the summer in Valencia” “A luxe affair to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Asensio Advanced Odontology”. El Mundo wanted to share their thoughts on on the event in Marina Beach, too.

“The professionals of the Asensio Dental Clinic presented the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry, implants, lingual orthodontics and invisible orthodontics, which have made them the leading clinic in Advanced Odontology.”


In her latest column, “La Hora del Té”, journalist Begoña Clérigues reports on our 20th anniversary celebration in full detail.

La hora del té asensio

“The Valencia Marina, converted to the epicenter of the city’s social life for the purpose of this week’s grand celebration.”

El Periódico de Aquí newspaper has published in their digital edition about their experience at our 20th anniversary celebration. You can check the news article at the following link

“Asensio Advanced Odontology celebrates their 20th anniversary”

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