Aestetic Orthodontics

Aestetic Orthodontics

Nowadays, the last advances of the odontolgy, allow the design of new treatments to improve the oral functionality and the aesthetics of the persons.

Thanks to the invisible and aesthetic orthodontics it is possible to obtain with the minor visual possible impact.

There exist different types of aesthetic orthodontics, among which stand out Invisalign or invisible orthodontics, of which clinical Advanced Asensio Odontología possesses the degree Diamond, the highest attainable level.

In addition, in Asensio Odontología Avanzada, the first visit is completely free, they realize the first diagnosis with ortopantomografía foxglove, scanner, with an exhaustive diagnosis they design a plan of treatment specialized for every patient.

The Dra Lucía Asensio, specialist in dental aesthetics together with her team of professionals help the patients to show his better smile.

Might you explain to us brief the types of aesthetic orthodontics?

We have different types of orthodontics: aesthetics, lingual, brackets, damon or invisible.

The brackets more acquaintances are the metal-workers, who are slightly less aesthetic or of plastic, which tends to become yellow.

But in Asensio Odontología Avanzada we possess those of sapphire, these are of the same color of the millstones and translucent enough and its much thinner arches.

Another option is the lingual orthodontics, the brackets place in the internal part of the teeth, this way they are not seen.

And on the other hand, the invisible one, Invisalign is the most aesthetic technology of all. It possesses the advantage of which it is removable and therefore, improves the quality of the mouth hygiene.

Which would be for you the principal advantage of the aesthetic orthodontics?

The patient can correct the dental problems of alignment or graft, between others, improve his smile and promote his autoesteem, during and after the treatment since it will take it of a form so discreet that will not affect too much his image.

In addition, nowadays, the prices of the aesthetic orthodontics are attainable.

Do they need a special care?

Yes, these type of orthodontics need more hygiene that the metal-workers.

The type of material and the transparency they do that the signs of dirt are much more evident.

We recommend that there should be in use a toothbrush of soft sows, dental thread and a specific pasta of teeth. Besides that the daily hygiene follows of much more exhaustive form

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