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At Asensio Dental Clinic, we work with ultra-durable materials, such as veneers made from composite.

We have always sought to prioritize the aesthetics of the mouth and teeth. A beautiful smile provides greater confidence, makes us smile more and makes us happier as a result. However, there is another priority that we always respect: the health factor.

On the one hand, we will never compromise a patient’s health or damage their teeth for a cosmetic treatment. This is possible thanks to our use of new materials and the latest technology, but most of all, because our specialists make health their number 1 priority in any treatment.

On the other hand, we ensure that the materials we use are of the highest quality in order to maximize the durability, safety and reliability of our treatments. At Asensio Dental Clinic, we adapt to the aesthetic and health needs of our patients. For example, every patient receives an analysis of their mouth when they arrive, allowing us to establish a series of goals and specific treatments.

In some cases, when there is wear or breakage to the front teeth, the solution is to use composite. Composite is an ultra-resistant ceramic material commonly used in the aeronautics and aerospace industry. It is used in the field of dentistry for several reasons: it is a biocompatible material, meaning it can be used in the body with no problems. Plus, it has excellent hardness and durability, perfect for applications in the mouth, which is subject to movement, friction and impact. Finally, aesthetic composite has a color and texture that are identical to the original tooth, meaning you won’t be able to tell the difference.

At Asensio Advanced Odontology, we offer a free initial consultation, where we will create a treatment plan, perform a 3D scan and digital x-rays.

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