Dental Implants Abroad in Spain

Dental implants and Recovery

Getting dental implants always requires a surgical operation, a treatment that we perform every day at Asensio dental clinic. We come across many apprehensive patients, usually due to the following reason: discomfort during and after the operation.

It’s common for patients to come to the clinic with the impression that a comprehensive dental implant treatment will be very uncomfortable or require a long recovery time. Luckily, nothing could be further from the truth: at Asensio Advanced Odontology, we use the most efficient, cutting-edge techniques combined with a wide range of specialists and two full operating rooms, so that all of our patients leave with a permanent smile in just one day.

Contrary to what many believe, the recovery process after a dental implant session is very short and bearable. It is a type of operation that causes practically no discomfort for the patient after the operation. Plus, at Asensio dental clinic, we use an innovative system of dental implants called All on Four.

All on Four is revolutionary in the world of implants, resulting in enormous benefits for patients. It is a technique that makes it possible, using only four implants, to completely replace a dental arch. The benefits are numerous and very significant:

-Faster recovery process. All on Four only requires four incisions to be made, which means shorter recovery and less discomfort.

-Patient comfort. It is a simpler, safer and more efficient surgical process.

-More affordable price. Placing four implants is not the same as placing ten of them. So, the patient gets a more affordable treatment with exceptional quality.

At Asensio Advanced Odontology, we are experts in the All on Four treatment. We offer a free initial consultation, where our patients will obtain a personalized treatment plan with digital x-rays and 3D scan.

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