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The invisible orthodontics in Asensio dental clinic

In Asensio dental clinic we are always at the service of each patient. In recent years, we perceive a trend that has come to stay: patients increasingly demand more aesthetics that their treatments have a direct result in the aesthetics of their teeth. That is why in Asensio we have adapted the treatments through innovation and technology, to grant our patients an extraordinary smile. At the same time, without forgetting for a minute that our basic objective is not only, not to harm the health of our patients with risky or unsafe treatments, but our function in any case is to improve the oral health of our patients. We achieved this thanks to the combination of the cutting-edge technology and highly specialized professionals, who follow a philosophy born in the dental clinic for 20 years.

One of the examples that combine health, safety and a great dental aesthetics is the invisible orthodontics Invisalign. Through Invisalign, the patient can be sure of taking a useful treatment, which corrects the position of the teeth as reliably as traditional orthodontics, and also people will not see it because it is practically invisible.

Invisalign are thin and transparent splints that are incorporated into the denture without any visible device being seen. Invisalign can be removed during meals or in case we go to a public event, it is absolutely removable. In addition, the splints are changed every 15 days. They are two weeks where, in case of an improbable breakage of the splint or its loss, we do not need to worry since the treatment will resume very soon. In addition you will not have to worry about the typical wide ones that are formed in the orthodontics derived from coffee or other foods, since every two weeks you will have new splints. Progressively in each new splint we will notice how the teeth are correcting their position.

In Asensio Advanced Dentistry we offer a first free visit. In it we perform a dignostic, digital radiography, 3D scanner and personalized treatment plan.