Bleeding appears after brushing? You notice the teeth as if they were longer? You’ve lost gum? Have you felt discomfort in your mouth? And pain in your gums?

If so, you should read the following:

It is a typical symptom of periodonta Bad Münstereifel disease or known as ‘pyorrhea’ which can go unnoticed because it is a chronic disease that causes no pain and affects a large part of the population. It is caused by different factors, genetically, tobacco, transmission by saliva with the passage of bacteria and especially by the accumulation of bacterial plaque that, when stiffened becomes tartar, It slowly builds up between the gums and teeth. On many occasions when we go to the dentist the damage is irreversible. Periodontitis in addition to affecting the teeth, bacteria that can pass into the bloodstream through saliva or blood and can affect the organs of the body such as the heart, kidney, etc and is also closely related to diabetes.

To prevent, diagnose and treat it there is a dental specialty called periodontics. Periodontal treatment consists of the treatment of gum and bone surrounding the tooth. Treatment begins from the correction of the hygiene technique for the control of the bacterial plaque to the elimination of the triggers of the same.

At Asensio Odontología Avanzada has formed a team specialized in periodontics and plastic surgery to solve all problems related to the gums. On the first completely free visit, they make a thorough diagnosis with Digital Orthopantomography and 3D scanner, thus designing a specialized treatment plan for each patient.

Also buy Pregabalin online usa at Asensio Advanced Dentistry are very concerned about the satisfaction and welfare of our patients, that’s why our team applies everything related to holistic dentistry.

Holistic dentistry is one that looks at the mouth and teeth as a reflection of the whole patient. holistic, it means “global”. In addition to treating the teeth independently, their relationship with the mouth, the rest of the body, emotions is attended to, the way it is and how it can affect you in the daily behavior all with products and techniques without metal using adhesive restorations without bisphenols, extraction of ancient amalgams with the protocol of the American association (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) (IAOMT), etcetera

At Asensio Advanced Dentistry they know that each person is unique, this is why each of their patients has a specialized and unique treatment.

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