In Asensio Advanced Odontology, your trusted dentist abroad, gen-casino-it you will be in a totally safe and protected space where we follow all the recommendations. As professional health personnel, we adopt all the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, as well as by international organizations such as the World Health Organization:

  1. Temperature taken before entering the operating room
  2. Respect the safety distance of 2 meters
  3. Application of hydroalcoholic gel when entering and leaving the clinic
  4. The use of a mask is mandatory
  5. Before entering the operating room, rinse for 2 minutes with 1% hydrogen peroxide
  6. Step on the antibacterial-operating room mat before going upstairs to enter the clinic
  7. Accompanying persons must wait in the waiting room at a minimum distance of 2 meters, respecting all security protocols. At Asensio Odontología Avanzada, we have several spacious rooms to be able to wait calmly and safely.
  8. Our staff uses protective glasses and masks for the barrier effect. They are very useful to avoid contagion in a bilateral sense: from the professional to the patient and vice versa.
  9. Follow hygiene, disinfection, and sterilization measures
  10. Thorough disinfection of all boxes after the treatment of each patient, sterilizing both the chair and all materials following the recommended standards.

Request your appointment and put yourself in the hands of the team of Dr. Lucia Asensio and Dr. Jose Luis Lanuza, a leading professional team in dental health, dental implants in Spain and dental aesthetics in Valencia, and feel free to call us at 0800 086 9049 or send an email to

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