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We offer a FREE Consultation and dental treatment plan, including a FREE OPG X-Ray (valued £60)


Come and experience the best combination of first class dental care and relaxing tourism

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Nobel Biocare Dental Implant

Nobel Biocare Dental Implant (implant+abutment+crown)


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All-on-4 (same day)


sameday dental crowns

Same day 3 crowns bridge work


dental implants abroad treatments

Our treatments

At Dental Asensio, your dentist in Spain, we offer a multitude of dental treatments abroad, created to care for, recover and maintain the dental health and beauty of the whole family. We offer all dental treatments from restorative dentistry to oral surgery and we are specialists in:

  • Dental Implants Abroad: We use high-end dental implants that guarantee the best quality functional and aesthetic results. We can offer you unit dental implants and/or bridges supported on natural teeth or implants. We also perform the all-on-4 technique, a state-of-the-art full-mouth dental implant treatment which allows complete dental arches to stand with only four dental implants. Our customers always go home with new teeth the same day. Come and get your dental implants in Spain.
  • Orthodontics: interceptive orthodontics, orthopaedics (for children at an early age) and corrective orthodontics. We offer removable orthodontic (facilitates hygiene), fixed, both traditional and aesthetics (sapphire brackets, zirconium, porcelain), lingual braces (almost invisible), self-ligating orthodontic (more comfortable) and the revolutionary technique INVISALING, based on nearly invisible, removable aligners.
  • Aesthetic Dentistry: At Dental Asensio we design your new smile supported by the latest technology. We can offer you: porcelain veneers, zirconium crowns, Lumineers, snap-on smiles (noninvasive and removable smile makeovers), teeth whitening and replacement of amalgam.
  • Pediatric Dentistry: We are experts in children’s treatments, from early childhood through adolescence.
  • Oral surgery and complex cases with maxillary atrophy.

Why should you choose Dental Asensio for your dental implants abroad?

  • Because you will save money, with prices 50% to 70% cheaper than in U.K.
  • Without compromising quality, as we only use the leading dentistry brands and products, as those used in the most expensive private dental treatments in the UK.
  • And you will be treated in English by experts. We have been in the Dental business for 18 years and have a selected dental team with experience and expertise, trained in the most advanced dental techniques.
  • With all the guarantees, as you come to Spain, a country with first class dentistry standards.
  • All of these in state of the art facilities with cutting edge dental technology, facilities that have been recently renovated with the aim of giving you the best patient experience.
  • And we have a quality management system audited by a certified body that has granted us the ISO 9001 certificate.
  • We are so confident of our dental work that we give you a dental guarantee.
  • And you will be getting the best dental treatment abroad while you enjoy a short relaxing vacation in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, located by the beach in the sunny Mediterranean coast. The best combination of dental tourism you will find!
  • We will make it simple, taking care of as much or as little of your dental holiday as you wish. Our goal has always been to provide lasting, quality dental care at affordable prices.

Our clinic

Our state-of-the-art dental clinic is located in the center of Valencia and has 5300 sq ft of the most modern dental facilities distributed in two floors, with an access for people with special needs.

We have recently gone through a complete renovation to create an space with outstanding design and relaxing atmosphere. All our dental offices face onto the street and have natural light and ventilation, which provides a pleasant atmosphere both for dentists and patients.

We have an spacious reception, where you will be welcomed, private offices to explain treatments and budgets, a dental 3D CT and an intraoral 3D true definition scanner that allow us to plan your dental treatments up to millimeter scale and 8 fully equipped dental offices with cutting edge dental technology.

Our team

dentist specialized in dental implants abroad

Dr. Lucía Asensio

dentist specialized in Invisalign

Dr. Jose Luis Lanuza

dentist specialized in pediatric dentistry

Dr. Clara Serrano

specialized in dental aesthetics

Dr. Marta Trives

dentist specialized in periodontics

Dr. Eduardo Lucas

Dr. Aura Hernández

dentist specialized in endodontics

Dr. Inmaculada Vidal

dentist specialized in prosthetics and orthodontics

Dr. Patricia Gonzalez

dentist specialized in orthodontics

Dr. Cecilia González

dentist specialized in dental surgery

Dr. Luigi Apruzzese

Judith Mas

Marta Gordo

Tana Martí

Claret Lulo

Lara Cervera

Laura Marbello

Andrés Vilora

Cristina Martínez

Silvia González

Soraya Rocher


Travel and Tourism

Seeking dental implants abroad? Dental Asensio provides a comprehensive and seamless dental tourism experience. We cater to your travel arrangements, from booking flights and hotels to arranging leisure activities during your stay.

We ensure a smooth visit by providing airport pick-up and hotel-clinic transportation services. You’ll also receive a mobile phone connected to our clinic, keeping us within reach for any concerns.

Experience Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, known for its Mediterranean charm, sun-filled days, sandy beaches, and mix of historic and modern architecture. As the home of Paella, the city’s cuisine won’t disappoint. Combine your pursuit of dental health with the joys of travel, creating unforgettable dental holidays!

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