It is a white metal, very resistant to rust. It is used for reconstructions. The alternative possibilities are ceramic crowns and metal-ceramic crowns.


Advantages of Zirconium compared to only ceramic crowns:

  • As the ceramics has a metallic support, it is more resistant to fractures.
  • The possibility of replacing any missing dental piece in a fixed and aesthetic way.


Advantages of the Zirconium crowns compared to the metal-ceramic crowns

Confronted with the possibility of gum recession, you will never see a metallic border, seeing as Zirconium is white. The crown is thinner, as there is no need to hide the underneath metal, so we have to carve less tooth to fit the crown. In the case of wear and tear of the sides over the years, you will never see the metal, seeing as Zirconium is white. The material gives a more natural feeling and its edges are more translucent. It is a biocompatible material, it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.

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