You have direct flights to Valencia from several UK airports. If you book well in advance you can buy a return ticket from only £30.

We can help you select the flights that best suit you, so you can book it easily.

From London

Ryanair flies every day of the week from London Stansted at 7:10am (arrives at 10:40) and returns at 11:10am (arrives at 12:50)

Easyjet flies

  • Mon, Wed, Fri from London Gatwick at 6:20am (arrives at 9:40) and returns at 10:15am (arrives at 11:40)
  • Tue, Thu,Sat and Sun from London Gatwick at 9:05am (arrives at 12:25) and returns at 01:00pm (arrives at 02:25pm)

British Airways flies every day of the week but Saturdays from London Gatwick at different times between 04pm and 05pm and returns between 11am and 01pm.

From Manchester

Ryanair flies Mon, Wed, Fri from Manchester at 04:40pm (arrives at 08:15pm) and returns at 02:25pm (arrives at 04:15pm)

From East Midlands

Ryanair flies Tue, Thu,Sa from East Midlands at 04:35pm (arrives at 08:05pm) and returns at 02:35pm (arrives at 04:10pm)

From Dublin

Ryanair flies Wed, Sun from Dublin at 06:50pm (arrives at 10:40pm) and returns at 05:20pm (arrives at 07:10pm)