In Asensio Dental Clinic we work on the “Total Smile Design”

Achieve your Hollywood smile as the movie stars, putting yourself in the hands of Dr. Lucia Asensio, expert in smile designs and dental aesthetics.

Our results will be: whiter, brighter teeth with a correct alignment and appropriate to the shape of your face. This will give you more confidence and improve the image other people have of you.

A specialist from our Clinic will analyse your particular case to obtain a clearer vision of what you want and what can be achieved.

In the procedures of the Total Smile Design the shape, texture and colour of the gums must be noted, ensuring that it is appropriate to the shape and size of the teeth, taking into account the inclinations and different angles that these present. Also it is made up of the modification of colour and size of the aforementioned.

Depending on the results of the diagnosis and your preferences, the procedures will be begun, which at times will need to integrate several specialities.

Come and find out! Smile again!