Your Dental Guarantee

In the unlikely event of a problem with the materials used, Dental Asensio will replace them without any extra costs for the treatments needed.

The guarantee duration depends on the treatment:

Nobel Implants (only the product)Lifetime Guarantee
Crowns, Bridges (temporary work not covered)5 year
Inlays / Onlays (temporary work not covered)5 year
Veneers3 year
Lumineers Veneers3 year
Partial Dentures (temporary work not covered)3 year
Over-Dentures3 year
Full Dentures1 year
Composite Fillings1 year


The patient must notify Dental Asensio before taking any action on behalf of the guarantee. Failure to do so will invalidate the guarantee. After notification the case will be immediately investigated and the client will be notified if the remedial treatment is to be carried out under the guarantee.

Any dental work carried out by the local dentist will not be included unless it has been agreed in advance. Problems arising from a local dentist’s intervention may invalidate the guarantee.

The patients will have to make a check-up at least once a year during the guarantee period. This check-up can be done free-of-charge in our clinic or by visiting a local dentist. In every check-up, an orthopantograph x-ray must be taken and written proof (an invoice or letter from your local dentist) obtained, confirming that the check-up has been carried out and commenting on the status, any problems, and any work that was carried out (cleaning, etc). If any problem is detected it should be documented with photos. If you want to exercise your guarantee, we will require that you send us the written proofs, x-ray(s) and photos of the annual check-ups. In the case of periodontal problems, particularly after periodontal treatment, we advise the patient to have a check-up at least 2-3 times a year.

In the case of small adjustments, and after notification and agreement, you may use the services of a local dentist in and send your bill to Dental Asensio for reimbursement. Dental Asensio will cover up to 100.00 EUR for repairs such as re-cementing crowns or denture adjustment.

Dental Asensio is not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatment after having a tooth prepared for crown and/or bridgework. Occasionally teeth suffer preparation trauma during crown and bridgework resulting in the need for root canal treatment afterwards. Dental Asensio is not liable for any dental problem which was not visible on the patient’s x-ray and was not foreseeable or predictable when prescribing the treatment.

The Guarantee will be reduced or invalidated:

  • if the patient does not return to Dental Asensio for a check-up at least once a year during the guarantee period or does not undergo a check-up at least once a year in his/her home country with an orthopantomography (panoramic) x-ray being taken and obtaining written proof (invoice/letter from the local dentist) that the annual check-up has been carried out
  • if oral hygiene is not properly executed
  • if the dentists’ instructions are not followed (for example not wearing dentures/nightguard during the night)
  • if removable restorations such as partial or full dentures are not kept and maintained properly
  • if the gum tissue or bone is naturally receding
  • in the event of accidental damage, for example dropping the denture
  • if the patient loses or gains a substantial amount of weight during a short period
  • if there is a general illness occurring that has negative effects on the dental condition (for example diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, condition after x-rays or chemotherapy)
  • if another dentist has carried out any corrective or additional treatment without Dental Asensio’s prior consent.