Your Dental Tourism to Valencia

If you are unsure about travelling overseas for dental work because you think it may end up costing more or you just don’t want the hassle, you will be amazed at just how easy it is.

Valencia is a wonderful destination for a short escape: it has beach, culture, cuisine and history to offer, and you can book very cheap flights  from UK, so you can come for a long week-end, know us, get your FREE initial consultation with OPG X-Ray and treatment plan and decide. If you choose to go ahead, you will go home with your new teeth after an unforgettable week-end of dental tourism.

Step 1. Contact us

You can take a look at our ‘prices’ page to get an idea of the costs of treatments. There you will see that there are many different alternatives to arrive at your perfect smile, so whatever your budget we can help advise on the most appropriate treatment plan.

Contact us calling our toll-free number 0800 086 9049 or sending an email (we can call you back if you provide us with a phone number). You can send us any X-Ray, TAC, previous quote or even a photo of your mouth to help us give you a quote of the most appropiate plan.  If you have already been given a suggested treatment plan by your regular dentist, we can quote ‘like for like’.

We will send you a detailed proposal, explaining your treatment options and prices.

Decide when you would like to travel to Valencia and contact us. We will arrange an appointment with you.

We can take care of as much or as little of your journey as you wish. If you want to have your travel arrangements managed by our team, we will send you a quotation that includes your treatment plan, accommodation options and other activities you select. It will also include an estimation of flight costs.

Step 2. Flights

You can then book your flights in accordance with the agreed dates. We can help you select the best flight combination but, in order to get the best fares, we recommend that you make the booking.

We will confirm your dental appointment when your flights have been booked.

Visit our ‘Flights to Valencia’ page for detailed information about flights from the UK to Valencia.

Step 3. Accommodation

Valencia has a wide range of quality hotels to choose from. You have hotels by the beach, hotels in the city center, big international hotels  or small hotels with charm, for example.

If you book well in advance, you can book a double room in a good 3 star hotel for 50€ (£41) per night. You can also rent an apartment for several days.

We can help you book the accommodation that fits your budget and meets your expectations. You can visit our ‘Hotels‘ page for more information.

Step 4. Confirmation

If you require it, before your departure we will send you written confirmation of your appointment bookings, travel arrangements and accommodation (if booked with us).

Valencia Airport for dental tourism

Step 5. Arrival in Valencia

If you require it, upon arrival at the airport in Valencia you will be greeted by one of our friendly English speaking members of staff. He will carry you to your hotel or the practice depending on your chosen schedule.

If you want, we will give you a mobile phone with all your key contacts pre-programmed in. You will keep it for the duration of your stay. Whatever you need is only a phone call away, because we are committed to providing the best levels of treatment coupled with a fantastic experience in the mediterranean coast of Spain.

Step 6. Typical treatment plan

Most of our treatments will let you go back home with new teeth after just one visit, including teeth extraction, implants and prosthesis adjusment.

The prosthesis you will get in the initial visit will be fully functional and will let you lead a normal life from the first day, but won’t be completely adapted to the new configuration of your mouth, so, after some months, when the gum has healed completely, you will have to make a second visit to have this provisional teeth substituted by a definitive prosthesis adapted to your new mouth and designed to optimize your bite.

Step 7. Dental guarantee

We provide the highest levels of aftercare. In the unlikely event of a problem with the materials used, Dental Asensio will cover the replacement and any treatments needed.

If you want to know more about the aftercare check out our ‘Dental Guarantee‘ page where we explain what is covered and what happens should you need further treatment.

Get a quote to find out just how much you could save, getting the best combination of treatment, price and service while you enjoy an unforgettable holidays.

Prices guaranteed to put the smile back on your face!