What to do in Valencia

Either if you come to Valencia for a whole week or a weekend you will have plenty of activities to choose from:

Go to the beach

Between May and October the weather in Valencia is perfect to sunbath at any spot of the more than seven kilometres of Valencia nice sandy beaches. You can take the public transport, but if you prefer to take a taxi,  it won’t cost you more than 6 euros from the city center.


Join a walking guided tour

For 17€ (£13) you can join a 2 hours walking guided tour through the old town in English. They will show you the most relevant monuments and you will visit La Lonja de la Seda, a World Heritage monument.


Take the touristic bus

If you prefer visiting the city by hoping on and off a touristic bus, you can buy a 24 hour ticket for 17€ (£13). With the same ticket you can take a 90 min. route to know the old town and another 90 min. route to see the harbour and the sea. There are buses every 30 minutes from 10:30am to 07:00pm.


Stroll by the sea

You can take a relaxing stroll by the sea in the more than 3 kilometers of sea promenade and walk between luxurious yatchs in the Marina Real Juan Carlos I.