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What Makes a Smile Aesthetic

This 2020, make sure you take care of your teeth and start the year feeling confident with
your smile! This is the year you will accomplish your goals and desires. To achieve an attractive
and aesthetic smile, the following factors are considered:

● alignment and symmetry of the teeth
● spacing of the teeth
● proportion and the width of the smile
● shape, color and thickness of the lips
● margin and the health of the gums
● color of the teeth

All of these attributes will make your smile aesthetic, attractive and healthy-looking. Invisible
Orthodontics is one of the treatments we offer at Asensio Advanced Dentistry, and we can
help improve your smile effectively and accurately meet of all the details we previously

What does Invisible Orthodontics contribute? Is this treatment a good investment for our

The correct answer is “yes.” It is one of the most demanded and prominent treatments in the
world of dental aesthetics. With this treatment, you will feel less pressure and pain than with
the known “brackets”; thus, improving the health of your gums. You will get a noticeable
improvement in the ease of biting and chewing food.

One of the advantages of this treatment is that it is a removable device and can be removed
for any important event you attend. In addition, prior to starting the treatment, you will be
able to see a virtual ‘final result’ of what you would look like afterwards, which should help in
your decision and to see all the potential advantages of Invisible Orthodontics. Asensio
Advanced Dentistry patients are amazed with their treatments and highly recommend it to all
their friends and family.

The first visit in Asensio Advanced Dentistry is completely free, and includes an exhaustive
clinical examination with digital orthopantomography, diagnosis with 3D scanner, and a
personalized treatment plan and a financial plan will be designed for each patient.

Request your appointment with us and trust your smile with Dr. Asensio’s team, which leads in
dental health, implantology and dental aesthetics. Contact us now to get the best treatment in
Asensio Advanced Dentistry, your dental clinic in Valencia.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions, and help you in every way possible so that
you can give your best smile without any worries.