Snap on smile abroad

What is Snap-on Smile?

Snap-on Smile is a removable and minimally invasive dental treatment that will help you instantly have a great smile. It is a case made of state-of-the-art dental resin, which has a minimum thickness and is extremely resistant. It is placed directly on our teeth with a complete adaptation, so that it changes the aesthetic appearance of the smile, improving it to make it more beautiful and natural.

It is not necessary to apply anesthesia, nor to carve any of the teeth, nor to apply adhesives, which makes it a comfortable, fast, and aesthetic solution for people who have:

  • Small teeth
  • Teeth that have worn over time
  • Gapped teeth
  • Changes in the color of teeth or even having a missing tooth.

What is the Snap on Smile treatment procedure?

The treatment phases are very simple.

A first visit is made to observe the patient’s case.

Impressions are then taken on the patient’s mouth.

It is sent to a specialized laboratory where the mouth is scanned with the subsequent design of the device in 3D, tailored to the patient, and then going through control of quality.

Later in the clinic, they adapt this device and it is placed in the mouth.

With Snap-on Smile, you will achieve a completely natural appearance in the teeth where only you will know that you are wearing it since it allows you to eat and drink.

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Dental Curettage

Deep Dental Cleaning with Dental Curettage at Dental Asensio

Dental curettage is a comprehensive cleaning process that reaches areas not accessed during standard cleanings. At Dental Asensio, we understand that early action is crucial for successful dental curettage.

Process of Dental Curettage

Our dental hygiene experts apply local anaesthesia to reach the periodontal pockets. Once the area is rid of tartar and bacteria, the tooth root is smoothed. Post this meticulous process, it’s vital to follow specific care instructions to ensure the intervention’s success. Non-adherence could lead to complications, possibly requiring another procedure.

When is it Necessary?

We recommend this deep cleaning process when daily oral cleaning isn’t enough to eliminate bacterial plaque or tartar. It’s essential to perform dental curettage promptly to prevent gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis.

Aftercare for Dental Curettage

Post dental curettage, certain measures ensure optimal results:

  • Avoid smoking for the next 48 hours and cut down on tobacco generally. The gums of a smoker receive less blood and oxygen supply, which diminishes their defence mechanisms against dental plaque bacteria, leading to further tooth damage.
  • Brush your teeth gently, use dental floss, and apply sensitive gums paste. Rub the paste gently on the sensitive tooth, especially at the gum margin. Avoid immediate rinsing to let the paste work effectively.

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fixed orthodontics


Discover Superior Fixed Orthodontics Solutions at Dental Asensio

Orthodontics, a dental technique that methodically moves teeth and/or jawbones to rectify issues of malpositioned teeth or jaws, is a mainstay service at Dental Asensio. As a renowned hub for dental tourism, we offer a diverse array of treatments to improve both your dental health and aesthetics. Among the many types of orthodontics we offer, our fixed orthodontics services stand out for their effectiveness and reliability.

Understanding Fixed Orthodontics

Unlike removable orthodontics like Invisalign invisible aligners, fixed orthodontics remains in place and can’t be removed by the patient. Commonly referred to as brackets, these metal pieces are affixed to the teeth to support the arch.

Additionally, Dental Asensio offers fixed orthodontics made of ceramic material that closely matches the natural hue of your teeth. With these brackets, your orthodontic treatment becomes nearly invisible, providing a more aesthetically pleasing and discrete alternative to conventional treatment.

Duration of Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

Fixed orthodontic treatments are typically a longer commitment, with durations varying from 6 to 8 months for simpler cases, and extending up to 24 to 30 months for more complicated situations. Several factors influence the duration of treatment. These include:

  • The nature of the problem to be addressed
  • The type of appliance used, the care given to the appliance
  • The rate at which the teeth move.

Benefits of Fixed Orthodontics

Choosing fixed orthodontics can deliver numerous advantages. It enables the correction of malocclusions, prevention of pain in the temporomandibular joint, slowing down of tooth wear, and resolution of chewing problems. It’s an investment in the long-term health and functionality of your teeth.

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pediatric dentistry in Spain

Leading Pediatric Dentistry in Valencia – Dental Asensio

Welcome to Dental Asensio, Your Go-To Pediatric Dentistry in Valencia

At Dental Asensio, we provide a relaxing and engaging environment for our young patients. Our pediatric dentistry in Valencia has themed spaces designed for kids, making their dental clinic visit an enjoyable experience.

Why Dental Asensio is Your Preferred Pediatric Dentistry Clinic

We understand the importance of nurturing the oral health of the young ones. Hence, we specialize in pediatric dentistry in Valencia. This speciality within dentistry focuses on the care, maintenance, and prevention of oral health issues in children from infancy to adolescence.

Your Child’s First Dental Check-Up

We recommend that your child’s first dental check-up occur when they reach their first year. During this check-up, we assess the growth of the maxilla and mandible, the correct eruption of teeth, and rule out the presence of oral pathologies like cavities.

Oral Health Habits for Children

Teaching children correct daily oral hygiene habits from a young age is essential to prevent future dental problems. At Dental Asensio, we emphasize this to all our parents and caregivers.

Pediatric Dentistry Treatments at Dental Asensio

Our clinic offers a wide range of pediatric dental treatments including:

  • Groove and fissure sealants: This common intervention involves filling fissures that appear on the tooth’s surface. It’s a painless and straightforward method that guards against cavities.
  • Pulpectomy: This treatment, similar to adult endodontics, treats cavities that affect baby teeth.
  • Obturation or dental fillings: Used to treat cavities in both adults and children, fillings prevent cavities from reaching the dental nerve.
  • Fluoride Application: This preventive treatment hardens tooth enamel, promoting strong and healthy teeth in children.
  • Brackets: Dental appliances that encourage correct maxillary bone and teeth development and correct any bone or dental development anomalies.

Your Trusted Pediatric Dentistry in Valencia Amidst COVID-19

Finally, we adhere strictly to our clinic’s COVID-19 prevention and safety measures. We’re eager to answer all your queries and offer any necessary help at Dental Asensio, your safe dental clinic in Spain. Show off your best smile without any concerns—Trust Dental Asensio as your preferred dental clinic. Visit us today in Valencia!


Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Conquer Gingivitis and Periodontitis: Comprehensive Treatment at Dental Asensio

At Dental Asensio, our specialized field of periodontics addresses the treatment of diseases related to the periodontium. These conditions can affect multiple components of your oral health including the gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, and periodontal cement. In our daily practice, we frequently diagnose and treat two primary periodontal diseases: gingivitis and periodontitis.

Unravelling Gingivitis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Gingivitis refers to the inflammation and bleeding of the gums. In its early stages, gingivitis might not cause noticeable discomfort. However, if left untreated, this condition can evolve, leading to redness and swelling of the gums, tooth sensitivity, and occasional or chronic bleeding during brushing. Preventing and treating gingivitis is crucial to maintaining overall oral health and preventing the progression to more severe periodontal diseases.

From Gingivitis to Periodontitis: Understanding the Connection

If gingivitis is left untreated, it can escalate into a more serious condition known as periodontitis. This periodontal disease involves the destruction of the bone that supports the teeth, leading to tooth loss if not managed properly.

The Role of Bacterial Plaque in Periodontal Diseases

Both gingivitis and periodontitis are typically caused by the formation of bacterial plaque. This harmful buildup attacks the gums and the bone supporting the teeth. Additionally, lifestyle factors such as tobacco use or high-stress levels can accelerate the development of these diseases.

Identifying Periodontal Disease: Key Symptoms to Look Out For

The symptoms of periodontal diseases can serve as important indicators that your oral health is at risk. These can include bad breath, tooth displacement, the appearance of longer teeth due to gum recession, tooth mobility, and swelling and bleeding in the gum area.

Comprehensive Treatment Approaches for Gingivitis and Periodontitis at Dental Asensio

The treatment plan for periodontal disease at Dental Asensio will depend on the stage of the disease. In the early stages, the first step would be to perform a deep tooth cleaning or curettage. This procedure involves scraping the tooth roots with instruments called curettes to remove tartar accumulated near the gums, leaving the teeth free of impurities.

In more advanced stages of the disease, we might need to perform surgery to facilitate a deeper cleaning and to assess the condition of the bone supporting the tooth. Whatever the stage, our dedicated team will ensure the treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs.

Prioritizing Patient Safety Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Finally, we want to reassure you that our clinic follows stringent COVID-19 prevention and safety measures. We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all our patients. At Dental Asensio, your trusted dental clinic in Valencia, we’re here to answer all your questions and assist you in any way possible. Visit us and show off your best, worry-free smile!

5 tips for dental health


At Dental Asensio, we are dedicated to providing expert guidance on maintaining excellent oral hygiene and achieving healthy teeth. Here are some essential “tips for dental health” that we recommend to our valued patients:

Tips for dental health:

  1. Brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day for at least two minutes each session. Choose the toothbrush best suited to your dental sensitivity. You can find a variety of types on our blog. Whether you opt for an electric toothbrush or a manual one, both types have unique benefits that promote dental health.
  2. Change your toothbrush every two months. This is crucial for maintaining optimal oral hygiene, as worn-out bristles are less effective in removing plaque and bacteria.
  3. Don’t neglect your tongue; it’s an essential part of oral hygiene. Cleaning your tongue can eliminate bacteria and contribute to fresher breath.
  4. Pay close attention to your diet. Limit the consumption of carbonated drinks, which are typically high in sugar and acidity, leading to enamel damage and, over time, dental sensitivity.
  5. Evaluate your habits. Actions like chewing on pencils or pens, biting nails, or clenching teeth during sleep can impact your dental health negatively. Avoid these practices to prevent potential dental problems.

Need further advice on maintaining your dental health? Follow our tips for dental health, and don’t forget to make an appointment with Dental Asensio’s experienced team by calling 08000869049. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at You’re also welcome to request an appointment or further information through our social networks on Instagram or Facebook.

At Dental Asensio, we’re committed to ensuring your safety amidst the ongoing COVID-19 situation. We adhere to all prevention and safety measures against COVID-19 at our clinic. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any queries; we’re here to assist in any way possible so you can confidently showcase your best smile. Trust Dental Asensio, your go-to dental clinic in Valencia. Come visit us!