We talk about myths and realities of dental health


In Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we wanted to dedicate a few words to those myths and rumours that had always been circulating about dental health. The majority of myths are based on logical assumptions, however, in order to be able to use the most convenient hygiene methods it is necessary to understand the real facts about oral hygiene. Read more

Dental treatment – everything in one day


No matter which treatment you would need, we assure you that in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio you will get the best care and the best results. Moreover, regular visits to the clinic that might appear tiresome or even too slow are no longer a must!

All treatments in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio are performed in one day. One of the examples is an implant treatment buy cytotec without a percsription All-on-four which includes only four implants that are placed in mouth to put a fixed denture of one arch. These treatments are available thanks to the latest technology, various surgery rooms and the best specialist in each field of oral health that we have in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio. In this way, we achieve double advantage: a complete, safe and reliable treatment, results that are unimaginable, everything is done in one day and prices could not be better! Read more

Zygomatic Implants

In Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we have solutions for all types of patients, including the ones that suffer from severe bone atrophy due to the loss of the bone.

Zygomatic implants are our solution for you. It is a very advanced technique developed in Sweden which is an excellent alternative in treating patients who lost their teeth and have low bone mass. The application of treatment does not require using bone grafts from other parts of the body. Read more

Dental implants: we analyze your case to find the most suitable solution for you


There are many different types of dental implant techniques each one designed to meet specific patient needs: All-on-Four, removable, hybrid or fixed prosthesis, etc. and in the majority of dental clinics you would find this type of treatments. Read more

All-on-four: Goodbye to artificial dentures in a day


In Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we can offer you the latest dental implant treatment performed by qualified professionals. This treatment allows us to replace dental pieces with a fixed denture and without a palate. how to buy Ivermectin Both upper and lower arches can be replaced with fixed prosthesis http://deskcowork.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://deskcowork.co.uk/events/hangout-016-how-to-make-a-small-fortune-as-a-food-drink-start-up-john-taylerson/ on the same day by using only FOUR implants. This technique permits to chew and smile again without being afraid of anything.

Hundreds of thousands of people in all over the world enjoy this advanced dental technique that does not only permit to save their time and money, but also makes them feel psychologically better because of the radical change that the patient feels in a few hours. Read more