Treatment Against Sleep Apnea


Every day in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we meet a lot of patients who suffer from the sleep Apnea. In other words, they suffer from breathing pauses during the sleep.

Usually, a patient does not notice this disorder himself, yet his partner does. Since a person does not receive enough air for a couple of seconds, he inhales deeply with strength and makes a sound similar to snoring. However, it is a patient who suffers more the consequences of the sleep apnea and not his partner. Read more

Smile again – choose dental rejuvenation!

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Every day in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we meet patients whose teeth are not as healthy and good looking as they were some time ago.

It is normal that over the years the health of teeth is being affected by lots of factors, for example such dental problems as grinding or bruxism, changes in chewing, daily habits of smoking tobacco or drinking coffee and others which damage and wear out the enamel. As a result, a tooth loses its colour, becomes yellow and also loses its natural age. In the majority of cases a tooth also breaks. Read more

Complex case ALL ON FOUR


Doctor Lucia Asensio and her team members performing the most advanced dental implant technique: ALL ON FOUR. A complete restoration of the upper jaw bone that has edentulism and maxillary bone atrophy. Read more