Do your implants hurt?


Modern Dental Implants: Dispelling the “Implants Hurt” Myth

Thanks to modern technology, progress in medicine, and dental techniques, visiting a dentist today is vastly different from what it was decades ago. The ongoing evolution of oral medicine allows for quick, effective, long-lasting, and painless treatments. One prime example is dental implants, which have come a long way to ensure minimal discomfort, addressing concerns that “implants hurt.”

In the past, dentists couldn’t place new teeth for a patient until the bone was fully integrated with the dental implant, leaving the patient without fixed dental pieces for about two months. Today, at the Dental Asensio, fixed dental implants are placed in a single session, minimizing any “implants hurt” worries by utilizing the best available techniques. We guarantee successful treatment and maximum comfort for the patient.

After Dental Implant Placement

It’s normal to experience some discomfort around the implant after the procedure, which may cause concern that “implants hurt.” The gum may be slightly sensitive; however, the discomfort typically subsides within seven days. In this case, patients should eat only easily chewable food. At Dental Asensio, we place provisional prostheses to ensure our patients always leave the dental consultation with teeth.

Can I Carry on with My Normal Life After Having Dental Implants? Will Implants Hurt?

At the Dental Asensio, we always strive to preserve the natural dental root because nothing beats a tooth’s natural structure. However, modern implants are nearly imperceptible, meaning a patient will likely forget they even have fixed dental implants. They require the same oral hygiene as natural teeth, so there won’t be any change in a patient’s daily routine.

If you’re concerned about whether “implants hurt” or want to know more about the cost of dental implants, don’t hesitate to call us. Remember, you can schedule a free consultation with radiography and a treatment plan included – no commitment required.