Dental whitening

Whitening is nowadays one of most  treatment demanded in the dental clinics. The ingestion of some food like for example the coffee and also the age,  get dark our teeth or get yellow. But, to whom would not it like to have a smile of magazine?

In Valencia, Asensio Odontología Avanzada is one of the most recommended clinics, across the profiles of the social networks of  their patients, to surrender to the dental whitening. In this dental clinic, at the head of which is the Dra. Lucía Asensio during more than 20 years, the first visit is completely free, they realize the first diagnosis with ortopantomografía foxglove, scanner, with an exhaustive diagnosis they design a plan of treatment specialized for every patient.

What is  dental whitening?

Is a treatment of aesthetic odontolgy that consists of the elimination of spots of the teeth in order that they seem whiter and brilliant. 

Like all the treatments, it is important that the one who carries out them is qualified and qualified to handle the whitening agents. In addition, the patients must know that the dental whitening, have to do it under the supervision of a dentist and in a dental clinic. 

Is it painful?

For nothing, in addition, during the treatment our specialists try that the patient is as comfortable as possible. In some cases it is possible to produce to him dental sensibility that will disappear 72h later.

After the treatment, must teeth look after of special form?

Yes, for approximately one month, there must be avoided food or drinks that contain many pigments as the coffee, the carrot, the red fruits, the wine … and also it has to avoid smoke since the tobacco is one of the factors that get dark the teeth.

Can anyone be treated with a dental whitening?

It is necessary to have a good oral health.

For it, in Asensio Odontología Avanzada we do the first diagnosis to the patient to verify if he has caries, or some another ailment, beside advising him.

 In case of having them, he will not be able to surrender to the dental whitening since only it will be able to be realized when these problems have disappeared

some advices for those that are thinking of become the dental whitening?

Principally that come to a dentist to carry out the treatment, and ask for information,  not at all are qualified to carry out it. In Asensio Odontología Avanzada we will be been charmed with of attending to them.


Bleeding appears after brushing? You notice the teeth as if they were longer? You’ve lost gum? Have you felt discomfort in your mouth? And pain in your gums?

If so, you should read the following:

It is a typical symptom of periodonta chaffingly disease or known as ‘pyorrhea’ which can go unnoticed because it is a chronic disease that causes no pain and affects a large part of the population. It is caused by different factors, genetically, tobacco, transmission by saliva with the passage of bacteria and especially by the accumulation of bacterial plaque that, when stiffened becomes tartar, It slowly builds up between the gums and teeth. On many occasions when we go to the dentist the damage is irreversible. Periodontitis in addition to affecting the teeth, bacteria that can pass into the bloodstream through saliva or blood and can affect the organs of the body such as the heart, kidney, etc and is also closely related to diabetes.

To prevent, diagnose and treat it there is a dental specialty called periodontics. Periodontal treatment consists of the treatment of gum and bone surrounding the tooth. Treatment begins from the correction of the hygiene technique for the control of the bacterial plaque to the elimination of the triggers of the same.

At Asensio Odontología Avanzada has formed a team specialized in periodontics and plastic surgery to solve all problems related to the gums. On the first completely free visit, they make a thorough diagnosis with Digital Orthopantomography and 3D scanner, thus designing a specialized treatment plan for each patient.

Also Kerpen at Asensio Advanced Dentistry are very concerned about the satisfaction and welfare of our patients, that’s why our team applies everything related to holistic dentistry.

Holistic dentistry is one that looks at the mouth and teeth as a reflection of the whole patient. holistic, it means “global”. In addition to treating the teeth independently, their relationship with the mouth, the rest of the body, emotions is attended to, the way it is and how it can affect you in the daily behavior all with products and techniques without metal using adhesive restorations without bisphenols, extraction of ancient amalgams with the protocol of the American association (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) (IAOMT), etcetera

At Asensio Advanced Dentistry they know that each person is unique, this is why each of their patients has a specialized and unique treatment.

Mouth medicine

The mouth medicine is the speciality that one entrusts of the diagnosis of all the diseases that concern to the mouth and to the region maxilofacial. There is not known that the mouth is formed by diverse structures, all the capable ones of suffering alterations.

In  Asensio Odontología Avanzasa the Doctor Lanuza has a team formed and specialized professionally in that the patient can find the best specialist for the pathology that he suffers.

In the majority of cases, the used treatment consists of medicaments of hackneyed application (antiseptic rinsings and corticoides) and oral route. Also there exists the option to extirpate the injury across surgical simple and minimally invasive procedures as the utilization of the dental laser.

In Clinic Dental Asensio your first visit is completely free. In this one we will advise and do a valuation you with ortopantomografía, digital X-ray photography, escanner, will  emit a diagnosis and will make plan of specialized treatment for you.

buy Lyrica in ireland The Doctor Lanuza explains to us of what the oral medicine consists, which are some of the important aspects and the importance of preparing her:

Of what does oral medicine consist?

Definitively it is a clinical and academic speciality dedicated to the diagnosis, managing and research of the oral diseases that have medical treatment and of the systemic diseases with oral and facial manifestations.

What type of patients have to come to an expert in oral medicine?

Any patient who has an ailment in the mouth cavity can be visited by an expert in mouth medicine. We can say that all those that do not attribute his ailment to the dental organ, might be more beneficiaries for an expert in oral medicine.

What importance has the prevention and how is it realized?

One of the most important problems is the prevention of the oral cancer and its complications. Another aspect to stand out is the oral pathology associated with the patients inmunocomprometidos or with systemic serious pathology. Examples would be the patients with treatment with chemotherapy, with bifosfonatos or that are going to be treated by radiotherapy. The best prevention is take measurements before the problems appear, implies it knowing them and being advised well by professionals to treat that the problems do not appear or that when they appear they are the possible minimums.

Remember, in Clinic Dental Asensio your first visit is completely free. In this one we will advise and do a valuation you with ortopantomografía, digital X-ray photography, escanner, will issue(emit) a diagnosis and will make plan of specialized treatment for you.