Mouth medicine

Mouth Medicine

The Importance of Mouth Medicine in Oral Health

Mouth Medicine is a specialized branch focused on the diagnosis of diseases affecting the mouth and maxillofacial region. This often overlooked aspect of health encompasses various structures within the oral cavity, all capable of developing complications.

At Dental Asensio, Dr. Lanuza leads a team of professionals specially trained to provide you with the best care for any oral condition you may be dealing with.

Most commonly, treatments involve topical medications such as antiseptic rinses and corticosteroids, and oral medications. We also offer minimally invasive surgical procedures, including the use of dental lasers, to remove lesions.

Your first visit to Dental Asensio is entirely free. We provide an assessment, including orthopantomography, digital radiography, and a scanner. Based on these, we diagnose your condition and create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Understanding Oral Medicine with Dr. Lanuza

Oral Medicine is a clinical and academic specialty dedicated to the diagnosis, management, and research of oral diseases requiring medical treatment and systemic diseases with oral and facial manifestations.

Patients with any discomfort in the oral cavity, unrelated to dental issues, can benefit from seeing an expert in mouth medicine.

The Importance of Prevention

The key concern in this field is the prevention of oral cancer and its complications. Other noteworthy aspects include oral pathology associated with immunocompromised patients or those with severe systemic diseases. These include patients undergoing chemotherapy, on bisphosphonates, or about to undergo radiotherapy.

The best prevention involves taking proactive measures before problems arise. This includes knowledge of potential issues and consultation with professionals to ensure minimal complications if issues do occur.

Remember, your first visit to Dental Asensio is completely free. We provide you with an assessment, including orthopantomography, digital radiography, and a scanner, diagnose your condition and devise a specialized treatment plan for you.

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