dental implants in valencia


One of the fastest and most effective treatments to rebuild your smile from scratch is called All on Four. This treatment consists of placing a fixed prosthesis on four dental implants. It is the best option when it becomes a priority to rebuild all the dental pieces, that is, when the denture must be completely removed due to infection and must be replaced with implants.



This type of treatment offers even more advantages than any other removable denture and other conventional implants.

  1. Time savings in treatment and subsequent recovery
  2. Implants that can be placed the same day of the extraction of the dental pieces.
  3. Strong, comfortable and safe structure.
  4. These are fixed implants that you will not have to remove to clean them (in the case that they are removable prostheses, as we have previously mentioned, if they will need to be cleaned after each meal)
  5. Especially recommended for patients with maxillary bone loss
  6. Cheaper than most surgeries using traditional 8-10 implant techniques.

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