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What is periodontics, periodontal disease and its treatment?

Periodontics in the dental field treats diseases related to the periodontium, that is, those pathologies that affect the gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament and periodontal cement.
Among the main periodontal diseases are gingivitis and periodontitis.

• Gingivitis: This is inflammation and bleeding of the gums. It may not cause discomfort at first, but as it progresses, it causes redness and swelling of the gums and leads to tooth sensitivity, as well as occasional or chronic bleeding when brushing.
• Periodontitis: this is the destruction of the bone that supports the teeth. It is the pathology derived from gingivitis by not having treated it in time.

These types of diseases are caused by the formation of bacterial plaque that attack the gums and the bone that supports the teeth (in the case of periodontitis). Factors such as tobacco or stress help to further develop these diseases.
The symptoms that can give us clues that we suffer from periodontal disease are:

• Bad smell in the mouth: it is mainly due to the waste from the metabolism of tartar and bacterial plaque.
• Displacement of the teeth: it is produced by the weakening of the supporting tissue of the gum.
• Longer teeth: produced by the reduction of the gum.
• Mobility of the teeth: this can lead to the loss of the tooth.
• Swelling and bleeding in the gum area.

Treatment for periodontal disease will depend on the stage you are in. The dentist will be in charge of evaluating and drawing up the treatment plan for our mouth. If the disease is in an early stage, the first step will be to perform a deep tooth cleaning or curettage. This cleaning consists of scraping the tooth roots with instruments called curettes. With this procedure, the tartar accumulated on the surfaces near the gums is removed and the teeth are free of impurities. The treatment will be complemented with the indications and medical prescription of the dentist.
In the event that the pathology is in a more advanced stage, surgery will be carried out to perform a much deeper cleaning and evaluate the state of the bone that supports the tooth.

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