The hyaluronic acid treatment can be applied in the nanosagenian grooves, the contour of the lips, the well-known “barcode” that forms between the nose and the upper lip, and also in part of the face to correct small wrinkles and rejuvenate the smile and the outward appearance.

We recall that it is part of an improvement, complementing the aesthetics of the smiles of our patients.

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Mercury is a metal that is considered toxic because it generates conditions on the central nervous system, behavioral disturbances as well as kidney, immune, and sexual disorders among others. Currently, several cases of mercury poisoning and embryotoxicity have been detected among dental personnel and the dental sector.

Exposure to inorganic mercury has been confirmed to increase levels of this metal in blood plasma and urine.Currently, the use of this material is prohibited due to the danger and damage it can cause to patients. Allergies and rejections to the metals contained in amalgams are more and more frequent. For this reason, we must be very careful to choose the materials when deciding to rehabilitate our mouth. Since not all persons respond the same way to each stimulus, therefore we at Asensio Advanced Dentistry provide treatments that are metal-free and use the American Association Protocol for the removal of amalgams. From our metal-free dental clinic, we recommend the replacement and removal of amalgam fillings with an exhaustive protocol.

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