Dental implants: types and differences

There are many types of dental implants, but only one ideal for each patient. According to the characteristics of the patients, we will use one technique or another.

A dental clinic should always have a wide range of options when it comes to placing dental implants in their patients. In terms of health, there are always unique needs in each patient, and in Asensio Advanced Dentistry we feel committed to each and every one.

Next, we will present different types of dental implants that we use in the Asensio dental clinic.


All On Four is the method of the four implants. A revolutionary system that has changed the lives of thousands of people. By means of only four implants, an entire arch of the mouth can be replaced. In a day and with hardly any discomfort. With a minimum recovery time. All On Four is the ideal solution for those who have to replace much or all of their teeth.


If we only need one piece, one of the options is to place a dental implant. This method, simple and safe, is the most reliable and durable that exists. Even more than dental bridges.

In addition, it is important to keep all the teeth. If a single dental piece is missing, there are certain risks and negative consequences, both in terms of health and dental aesthetics.

Between All On Four and techniques for a single tooth, there are many options to preserve optimal aesthetics and health in your mouth. Whatever your needs are, in Asensio Advanced Dentistry we only use materials of the highest quality, safety and durability in patients, such as Nobel Biocare.

Each patient responds to different needs, and therefore we always carry out a preliminary study, with 3D scanning and digital radiography, completely free of charge.

Furthermore, as we Advanced Dental Clinic Asensio is not a franchise, we are able to offer the best prices with the best personal attention you deserve when going to the dentist. (Something hard to find in most franchises)