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Dental implants: types and differences

Dental implants come in various types, each catering to unique patient needs. The selection of an ideal implant type hinges on patient-specific characteristics, thereby necessitating different techniques.

A dental clinic should offer a diverse range of options for dental implants, considering the unique health needs of each patient. At Asensio Advanced Dentistry, we are dedicated to catering to each patient’s individual requirements.

In this article, we discuss the different types of dental implants we offer at our Asensio dental clinic.


The All On Four method is a revolutionary system that has transformed the lives of thousands of people. Using just four implants, we can replace an entire arch in the mouth in a single day with minimal discomfort and a short recovery time. It’s the ideal solution for patients requiring extensive or full tooth replacement.


If only one tooth requires replacement, a single dental implant can be an optimal choice. This simple and safe method is the most reliable and long-lasting option, outperforming dental bridges.
Moreover, preserving all teeth is essential. Missing even a single tooth can pose certain risks and negative consequences, impacting both dental health and aesthetics.

Between the All On Four technique and single tooth implant procedures, there’s a myriad of options to ensure optimal aesthetics and oral health. No matter your needs, at Asensio Advanced Dentistry, we use only high-quality, safe, and durable materials like Nobel Biocare.

Given that each patient has different needs, we always conduct a preliminary study involving 3D scanning and digital radiography, entirely free of charge.

In addition, being an independent dental practice, not a franchise, enables us to offer the best prices coupled with superior personal care – a combination that is hard to find in most franchises. Learn more about our services at Dental Asensio.

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