Dental whitening

Whitening is nowadays one of most treatment demanded in the dental clinics. The ingestion of some food like for example the coffee and also the age, get dark our teeth or get yellow. But, to whom would not it like to have a smile of magazine?

In Valencia, Asensio Odontología Avanzada is one of the most recommended clinics, across the profiles of the social networks of their patients, to surrender to the dental whitening. In this dental clinic, at the head of which is the Dra. Lucía Asensio during more than 20 years, the first visit is completely free, they realize the first diagnosis with ortopantomografía foxglove, scanner, with an exhaustive diagnosis they design a plan of treatment specialized for every patient.

What is dental whitening?

Is a treatment of aesthetic odontolgy that consists of the elimination of spots of the teeth in order that they seem whiter and brilliant.

Like all the treatments, it is important that the one who carries out them is qualified and qualified to handle the whitening agents. In addition, the patients must know that the dental whitening, have to do it under the supervision of a dentist and in a dental clinic.

Is it painful?

For nothing, in addition, during the treatment our specialists try that the patient is as comfortable as possible. In some cases it is possible to produce to him dental sensibility that will disappear 72h later.

After the treatment, must teeth look after of special form?

Yes, for approximately one month, there must be avoided food or drinks that contain many pigments as the coffee, the carrot, the red fruits, the wine … and also it has to avoid smoke since the tobacco is one of the factors that get dark the teeth.

Can anyone be treated with a dental whitening?

It is necessary to have a good oral health.

For it, in Asensio Odontología Avanzada we do the first diagnosis to the patient to verify if he has caries, or some another ailment, beside advising him.

In case of having them, he will not be able to surrender to the dental whitening since only it will be able to be realized when these problems have disappeared

some advices for those that are thinking of become the dental whitening?

Principally that come to a dentist to carry out the treatment, and ask for information, not at all are qualified to carry out it. In Asensio Odontología Avanzada we will be been charmed with of attending to them.

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