Hyaluronic Acid and Dental Aesthetics

Nowadays, hyaluronic acid is gaining importance in the world of aesthetics thanks to its properties, benefits and great results, thus becoming a substance that can be applied in multiple areas of health.

 In dental aesthetics it provides various moisturizing properties on soft tissues, immediately improving the appearance of our skin and also of our smile.

 Thanks to this procedure, the patients of our clinic Asensio Dental Clinic, look younger and healthier, since this treatment is also possible without surgery, without pain and without altering facial expression.

 Some of the benefits offered by this substance are suitable for patients with loss of facial bone mass. It contributes to the regeneration of a healthy gum tissue, as well as helps reduce inflammation.

 In our clinic we perform small infiltrations of hyaluronic acid throughout the perioral area in both the upper and lower lips. It is based on a quick and painless treatment that usually does not last more than 15 minutes per patient. You will notice the results of light and rejuvenation on your skin instantly.

 Discover all that hyaluronic acid can contribute to your health and dental aesthetics. Request your appointment with us and put yourself in the hands of the team of Dr. Asensio, a team specialized in facial rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid, in Asensio Advanced Dentistry.

 We will be happy to resolve all your questions and help you in every way so you can look your best smile without any worries.


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