Revitalize Your Smile with Dental Rejuvenation!

Dental Rejuvenation
Every day at Dental Asensio, we encounter patients whose teeth aren’t as healthy and attractive as they once were. It’s natural for teeth to be impacted by numerous factors over the years, including dental problems like grinding or bruxism, changes in chewing, and daily habits such as smoking tobacco or drinking coffee. These factors can damage and wear down the enamel, leading to teeth losing their colour, turning yellow, and losing their natural age. In many cases, teeth may also break.  That’s why many people choose to undergo dental rejuvenation treatments

Experience Comprehensive Dental Rejuvenation Treatment

Thankfully, Dental Asensio offers a dental rejuvenation treatment that can address all of these aesthetic issues, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile that not only brings you joy but also helps you look much younger.
The steps involved in dental rejuvenation treatment are:

  1. Dental cleaning (scale and polish): We remove teeth stains and plaque that might interfere with the treatment.
  2. Dental whitening: We lighten the teeth’s original colour by several shades, leaving them less sensitive.
  3. The visual study, dimensional and dental measurement: We thoroughly examine the characteristics of our patients to offer the best solution for their needs.
  4. Aesthetic contouring of dental pieces: We provide a smooth, round, and perfect tooth shape, restoring the tooth’s health and youthful appearance.
  5. High-quality composite dental fillings: During the same session, we reconstruct your smile using high-quality composite dental fillings. This closes the space between teeth and restores their natural length.
  6. Hyaluronic acid: If necessary, we inject hyaluronic acid into the upper part of the lips.

Contact Us Today for Your Dental Rejuvenation Needs

Don’t wait any longer to restore your beautiful and healthy smile. Contact our friendly team at Dental Asensio today to schedule your free initial consultation. You can reach us by phone at 0800 086 9049, or email us at We look forward to helping you achieve the rejuvenated smile you deserve and regain your confidence with our dental rejuvenation treatment

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