Debunking Dental Health Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

dental health myths

At Dental Asensio, we want to address some dental health myths and rumours that have always been circulating. Many of these dental health myths are based on logical assumptions; however, understanding the real facts about oral hygiene is crucial for using the most effective methods.

son_palillos_buenos_salud_dentalToothpicks after eating

Although food particles stuck between teeth can be bothersome, we recommend using natural dental floss made from silk rather than a toothpick, which might hurt the area between teeth if not specifically designed for this purpose. Using silk dental floss or an interdental toothbrush is the best solution to replace a toothpick.

Hard toothbrushes clean better

It’s easy to assume that toothbrushes with firmer bristles are more effective for removing plaque and stains from teeth. However, these toothbrushes are more likely to wear down tooth enamel and cause gum recession, exposing more of the tooth or the tooth’s root. At Dental Asensio, we recommend using medium or soft toothbrushes, or if you prefer hard-bristled toothbrushes, use them carefully.

One pregnancy, one tooth

Tooth loss has long been associated with pregnancy, but it’s actually related to pre-existing cavities. Pregnancy can cause gum inflammation, but with simple preventive measures, you shouldn’t lose a single tooth.

It is normal to lose teeth with age

Teeth have natural characteristics that make them strong and resistant, so tooth loss isn’t associated with age. With proper hygiene and regular dentist visits, you can keep your natural teeth for a lifetime.

I do not perform dental cleanings because I do not want to damage the enamel

Professional dental cleanings don’t damage the enamel; instead, they remove plaque and tartar from teeth surfaces. Good dental cleanings help maintain healthy teeth and prolong their lifespan. Modern techniques, like ultrasonic equipment, further reduce potential risks.

We hope these insights will help you change your dental habits and improve your dental hygiene. If you think you need a professional evaluation beyond these tips, remember that the first consultation at Dental Asensio is completely free. We’ll not only examine your case but also provide professional advice.

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