Zygomatic Implants

In Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we have solutions for all types of patients, including the ones that suffer from severe bone atrophy due to the loss of the bone.

Zygomatic implants are our solution for you. It is a very advanced technique developed in Sweden which is an excellent alternative in treating patients who lost their teeth and have low bone mass. The application of treatment does not require using bone grafts from other parts of the body.

This treatment allows placing a fixed prosthesis of the upper part of the jawbone in just one day. After the surgery you can forget about other uncomfortable prosthesis, such as removable prosthesis. Zygomatic implants are a hope for this type of patients that permits to enjoy their lives again.

What are the advantages of zygomatic implants?

  • This technique does not require using bone grafts.
  • The hospital ingression is also not necessary.
  • The post-operative period includes only slight inflammation (2-3 days) and slight discomfort.
  • The price is much lower.
  • The success rate is greater than in other options, for example bone grafts or conventional implants.

Thanks to all these advantages, zygomatic implants allow our patients to enjoy their lives all over again.

Zygomatic implants and Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio will make you smile again!

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