Fear of the dentist

Dentists are aware of the fear that rule in young people and adults when going to the dentist. The team of Asensio Advanced Dentistry specialists in this problem recommends some tips to confront this very common fear:

  1. The reason for fear must be identified. We must analyze the reason for fear and treat it personally.
  2. Go to know the clinic you are going to be attended can reassure you to obtain information about treatments, prices, get patient recommendations and know what the procedures are that they use in their clinic itself
  3. Trusted dentist.
  4. As it has been mentioned, the recommendations of friends or family are a key factor when deciding where you want to be treated. In Asensio 90% of patients are recommended.
  5. Prepare yourself mentally, It is a great effort to take the first step of dealing with your fears.

The fact of being accompanied reinforces the decision to visit the dentist and will prevent you from trying to resist, in addition to being a great entertainment during the wait. In the consultation do not be afraid to talk to the dentist, it will greatly relieve you to speak it with confidence. 

In http://www-comic.com/?m=20131201 Asensio Advanced Dentistry we use the  conscious sedation and nitrous oxide (Laughter gas) with  patients for surgical procedures. It is a combination of medicine  that help calm the patient as a sedative, and also eliminates pain, fulfilling the function of anesthesia. After its application, the person will remain awake, with difficulty of speaking because his mouth will remain numb, but the patient will not lose consciousness at any time, our patient will remain awake during the entire procedure.

With this method we achieve a máximum  relaxtion state of our patients , always controlled by a team of experienced professionals. 

Request an appointment with us and put yourself in the hands of the team of Dr. Asensio, a team specialized in health and dental aesthetics, to obtain the treatment that best suits your needs in Asensio Advanced Dentistry.

We will be happy to solve all your questions and help you lose your fear of going to the dentist so that you look your best smile without any worries.

Come visit us!

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