How can we detect periimplantitis?

How can we detect periimplantitis? What are the symptoms?

  1. Redness and swelling of the  mucosa around the implant
  2. Bleeding around implant 
  3. Infectious  suppuration
  4. Pain while clenching teeth
  5. Progressive implant mobility
  6. Radiological bone loss around the implant

What are the causes of periimplantitis?

Harmful bacteria can nest more easily in the gum and around the implant. On the other hand, poor implant placement generates biomechanical stress in chewing. 

In addition, we can differentiate risk factors that can help the appearance of it, among them there is the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, poor bone quality of supporting bone, poor oral hygiene after implant placement and poor implant placement, bacterial contamination during placement and Poor implant quality.

How to prevent it

To prevent this disease you must comply with certain objectives during the treatment of this infection, taking into account that there must be total decontamination and condition of the implant surface, remove the bacterial plaque from the peri-implant sack, check and correct occlusal alterations, disassemble and disinfect the prostheses and abutments and make proper tightening and checking the screws of the implant pillars.

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