What is a Stomatologist?

Despite the similarity to the word “stomach,” a stomatologist has nothing to do with any speciality related to the stomach. Stomatology is an area of medicine that studies diseases, anatomy, and physiology related to the mouth. Therefore, a stomatologist is responsible for diagnosing, treating, and preventing cases related to the field of stomatology.
The periodontium, teeth, neuromuscular system, temporomandibular joint, and oral cavity structures are examples of areas that a stomatologist handles.

What are the differences between a stomatologist and a dentist?

Stomatologists obtained their degree through the Medicine and Surgery program, while dentist obtained their degree by studying Dentistry.
Despite having studied different programs, the competencies of both degrees are the same, so the main difference between the two lies in the title obtained. Another difference is that a stomatologist can practice general medicine.

Since both diagnose, treat, and prevent all oral pathologies, you can visit either one for any type of dental care without any problem.

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