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Periodontics in Asensio Advanced Dentistry

In Asensio Advanced Dentistry we have two complete operating rooms to perform all kinds of operations in the dental field. In the case that concerns us today, periodontics, it is highly recommended to have an operating room with the most advanced instruments and technology, which facilitates the work of the doctor at first, thus making fewer mistakes. At the same time, having state-of-the-art technology also allows a greater precision in the treatments, which results in less invasive surgery for the patient and a shorter recovery time after treatment.

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that is responsible for treating those tissues that surround the tooth. Periodontics is applied in almost any dental treatment, since this treatment treats the base on the pillars that are then built. In many cases, periodontics consists of a buccal cleaning to eliminate tartar and bacterial plaque. An indispensable part of the doctor is to explain and educate the patient about the necessary hygiene habits so that this condition does not happen again as it can trigger major infections, loss of dental support and even loss of teeth.

Patients with periodontitis have an infection of plaque and tartar inside the gums surrounding the teeth. In these cases, a small surgery is required to eliminate the infection in a single session. In this way, we will ensure healthy teeth. At the same time, the patient who has suffered periodontitis should go to the dental clinic in periodic reviews between 3 and 6 months, where he will perform a maintenance, less invasive than a surgery, essential to maintain the proper health of the teeth.

In Asensio Advanced Dentistry we offer a free consultation, with diagnosis, digital radiography, 3D scanner and personalized treatment plan.