Periodontics Treatment

Periodontics Treatment at Dental Asensio

At Dental Asensio, we’re equipped with two state-of-the-art operating rooms to perform a wide range of dental operations. The focus of today’s discussion, periodontics, necessitates the best instruments and technology to facilitate precise and less invasive treatments for our patients, promoting a swift recovery.

What is Periodontics Treatment?

Periodontics is a crucial branch of dentistry that focuses on the treatment of tissues surrounding the tooth. It is a vital part of many dental treatments, laying the foundation for the health of your teeth. Periodontics often includes oral cleaning to eliminate tartar and bacterial plaque.

Our dedicated team at Dental Asensio emphasizes the importance of patient education about necessary hygiene habits to prevent a recurrence. Neglect can trigger serious infections, leading to tooth loss.

Understanding Periodontitis

Patients with periodontitis suffer from plaque and tartar infections within the gums surrounding their teeth. In such cases, minor surgery is necessary to eradicate the infection in a single session, ensuring healthy teeth. However, patients who have experienced periodontitis should visit our dental clinic in Valencia for periodic check-ups every 3 to 6 months. These maintenance visits are less invasive than surgery but essential for maintaining optimal dental health.

Why Choose Dental Asensio for Periodontics Treatment?

At Dental Asensio, we offer a complimentary initial consultation, complete with diagnosis, digital radiography, 3D scanning, and a personalized treatment plan. Trust in our commitment to your oral health and experience the future of dentistry today.

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