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Invisalign Diamond Provider at Asensio Odontologia Avanzada

Invisible orthodontics using INVISALIGN is a clinically proven technique for aligning teeth without the need for metal braces, using almost invisible and removable splints called aligners.

With hundreds of success stories in this type of dental treatment, Dr. Jose Luis Lanuza briefly explains what the revolutionary Invisalign treatment consists of at the Asensio Advanced Dentistry clinic.

Advantages of INVISALIGN

  1. They are totally transparent splints, very different compared to the traditional braces.
  2. They are removable, meaning that you can remove them anytime you like, be it lunch, dinner, or breakfast, etc.
  3. It is a totally painless procedure. The aligners are changed every 15 days to cause small progressive changes that throughout the treatment will become a big correction for the alignment of your mouth.
  4. Each aligner is different for each patient. They are completely personalized with the shape of the arch of each patient and are made of an aesthetic, comfortable, and practical material.
  5. It is a faster and more comfortable process for patients.
  6. Thanks to the innovation in technology, you will be able to see the final result of how your smile will look like even before starting the treatment at Asensio Advanced Odontology.
  7. Does not alter speech or prevent the user from playing sports.


“Big changes with small variations”

Why in Asensio Advanced Dentistry?

Asensio Odontología Avanzada is considered an INVISALIGN center in Valencia with the DIAMOND level, which certifies our experience with this technique and treatment. In our dental clinic in spain we offer the best quality treatment to our patients with prices far better than the competition.

In addition, the first visit is completely free in which a personalized assessment and an exclusive evaluation with digital radiography are carried out.

What are you waiting for to take the first step?

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Dental veneers, also known as dental laminates, allow you to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile quickly and effectively. It is a very sophisticated prosthesis that is made to protect and improve dental aesthetics.

It consists of placing an acrylic cover on the tooth that mimics its appearance. For this reason, a revision must be carried out beforehand to study the tone, brightness, size, and curvature of the tooth to ensure that it fits with the rest of the pieces and looks as natural as possible. This treatment can be performed on the entire teeth or on a specific tooth.

Currently, this treatment has become very popular in the world of dental treatments, as it is an excellent option to take care of your dental health and obtain the desired aesthetics.

What differentiates dental veneers from other treatments?

  1. Cover the visible part of any tooth (the crown of the tooth)
  2. With the application of innovative adhesive products, they adhere strongly to the original tooth, thus preventing falls.
  3. It is not necessary to carve the natural tooth completely
  4. It is composed of materials of high aesthetic value, having a great resemblance to the original tooth so that it is not noticeable at all. They can be of several types: ceramic, porcelain, or zirconia veneers.
  5. A previous aesthetic study must be carried out to design them according to the dental and facial anatomy of each patient.

How long do dental veneers last?

It is very important to maintain good dental hygiene and avoid unnecessary overloads on our teeth, such as:

  • Biting things extremely harshly,
  • Or by the habit of bruxism or teeth grinding


One of the main advantages of dental veneers is that they do not require direct manipulation of our natural teeth. It is a minimally invasive technique that considerably improves our dental aesthetics.

Price of dental veneers

The prices are different depending on the type of dental veneer that each patient needs. You always have to study each case to know exactly what type of veneer will best suit each person. Resin veneers are cheaper and their price is approximately between € 150 – € 200. As for porcelain veneers, their price is usually higher and can cost around € 600.

Finally, we report that in our dental clinic we follow the prevention and safety measures against COVID-19. We will be happy to solve all your questions and help you in any way possible in the best place for dental holiday, so that you can show your best smile without any concern and you can count on your trusted dental clinic. Come visit us!

Invisalign in Spain


At Asensio Odontología Avanzada, your dental clinic in Spain, we carry out all kinds of treatments to achieve improvements in your health and dental aesthetics. Among the different treatments, we highlight Invisalign since we are an INVISALIGN center with DIAMOND level, the highest achievable level, which proves that our experience allows us to offer you the best service with a specialized professional team.


Invisalign is one of the invisible orthodontic treatments that we stand out for due to the comfort and the positive experiences of each of our patients. With this treatment, the teeth are progressively displaced until a correct position is achieved. It is made up of invisible splints that adapt to your mouth to get your teeth aligned without the need to use the notorious and annoying “metal braces”.

During the treatment, different aligners of varying shapes are placed at precise locations to be able to progressively guide the teeth to their new locations. The duration of each aligner will be approximately two weeks.

Our patients are assured that the results of these invisible orthodontics are noticeable from the first weeks and that nobody around will notice them wearing it, since it is transparent. It is also very comfortable and practical since the splints are removable and you can take it off to eat without any problem, or to go to an act or event and then … Put it back on!

Finally, we report that in our dental clinic we follow the prevention and safety measures against COVID-19. We will be happy to solve all your questions and help you in any way possible in your safe dental clinic in Spain, so that you can show your best smile without any concern and you can count on your trusted dental clinic. Come visit us!