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Leading Pediatric Dentistry in Valencia – Dental Asensio

Welcome to Dental Asensio, Your Go-To Pediatric Dentistry in Valencia

At Dental Asensio, we provide a relaxing and engaging environment for our young patients. Our pediatric dentistry in Valencia has themed spaces designed for kids, making their dental clinic visit an enjoyable experience.

Why Dental Asensio is Your Preferred Pediatric Dentistry Clinic

We understand the importance of nurturing the oral health of the young ones. Hence, we specialize in pediatric dentistry in Valencia. This speciality within dentistry focuses on the care, maintenance, and prevention of oral health issues in children from infancy to adolescence.

Your Child’s First Dental Check-Up

We recommend that your child’s first dental check-up occur when they reach their first year. During this check-up, we assess the growth of the maxilla and mandible, the correct eruption of teeth, and rule out the presence of oral pathologies like cavities.

Oral Health Habits for Children

Teaching children correct daily oral hygiene habits from a young age is essential to prevent future dental problems. At Dental Asensio, we emphasize this to all our parents and caregivers.

Pediatric Dentistry Treatments at Dental Asensio

Our clinic offers a wide range of pediatric dental treatments including:

  • Groove and fissure sealants: This common intervention involves filling fissures that appear on the tooth’s surface. It’s a painless and straightforward method that guards against cavities.
  • Pulpectomy: This treatment, similar to adult endodontics, treats cavities that affect baby teeth.
  • Obturation or dental fillings: Used to treat cavities in both adults and children, fillings prevent cavities from reaching the dental nerve.
  • Fluoride Application: This preventive treatment hardens tooth enamel, promoting strong and healthy teeth in children.
  • Brackets: Dental appliances that encourage correct maxillary bone and teeth development and correct any bone or dental development anomalies.

Your Trusted Pediatric Dentistry in Valencia Amidst COVID-19

Finally, we adhere strictly to our clinic’s COVID-19 prevention and safety measures. We’re eager to answer all your queries and offer any necessary help at Dental Asensio, your safe dental clinic in Spain. Show off your best smile without any concerns—Trust Dental Asensio as your preferred dental clinic. Visit us today in Valencia!