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What are the Prosthetic Abutments for dental implants?

Dental implants are usually the ideal option and one of the most used for people who need to replace a dental piece, or directly do not have one. A dental implant is an artificial root that fuses with the jaw bone to hold a prosthesis that will have the functionality of a natural tooth. Prosthetic accessories are those pieces that serve to join dental implants to their prostheses.

Prosthetic accessories. What types are there?

Let’s point out the types of accessories that we can find:

Healing abutments: Helps the gum tissue around the implant to heal and are placed before the dental prosthesis is made.
Final abutments: Once the gums have healed, the final abutments are placed to join the prosthesis with the implant.
Temporary or provisional abutments: They are placed to cover the entrance of the screw.

The time it takes to heal is usually around 2 to 4 weeks. To ensure that the healing is correct and there is no problem, it will be necessary to follow the surgeon’s advice on the care that we will have to have, the foods that we can eat, and the correct cleaning around the pillars to prevent infections.

Among the most common prosthetic attachment materials are:

-Molten gold
-Surgical grade stainless steel
-Polyether ether ketone

Among all of them, the element that offers the best combination of resistance and biocompatibility, in addition to being light in weight, is titanium.


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