3D Implants abroad model

At the Asensio Dental clinic, we are sure that you are already familiar with 3D technology. However, you may not yet know that 3D printing has reached the health sector, specifically the dental sector. What If we say that there is a machine capable of analyzing what perfect tooth you need and carve it in 3D in less than an hour? A unique and perfect tooth for you. At Asensio Advanced Dentistry we have this technology, and we want to show it to you.

The first step in creating a veneer or dental crown using 3D technology, goes through a smart scanner. The software instantly recognizes the morphology of each patient’s mouth and proposes to the doctor a tooth design adapted to it. The doctor makes small changes in the design if necessary, and automatically the information is transferred to the 3D modeler.

The CEREC 3D printing machine creates the veneer or dental crown in a process that lasts less than an hour. Let us not forget that we are drastically streamlining a process that until now took weeks, because they had to perform annoying molds in the mouth of the patient, send them to a specialized laboratory to carve the tooth by hand, receive them, test them on the patient and in case the design was correct, apply them. Otherwise, the whole process would have to be repeated again. Through 3D technology, not only do we take an hour to make a crown or dental veneer, but we also ensure a unique tooth in the world, created from the characteristics of your mouth.

In addition, the artificial intelligence software that analyzes the mouth has the ability to learn from its patients. As intraoral scanners are performed around the world, the software learns from them and can propose more perfect designs. Actually, it is the future of the dental sector.