Dental implants: we analyze your case to find the most suitable solution for you


There are many different types of dental implant techniques each one designed to meet specific patient needs: All-on-Four, removable, hybrid or fixed prosthesis, etc. and in the majority of dental clinics you would find this type of treatments.

online pharmacies Quetiapine In our dental clinic we specialize in the All-on-Four technique. The usage of only four dental implants allows us to replace all teeth of one dental arch with a fixed prosthesis in both upper and lower arches and everything is done in one day. It is an innovative method used in a large number of cases.

However, in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we receive patients who are in a need of dental implants, but other clinics refuse to carry out this treatment. Usually they ask us how it is possible that in Dental Asensio it can be done without any difficulty.

limply Dental treatment is as important as individual characteristics

Each patient has special characteristics and we have to analyze them thoroughly. There are different influencing factors to consider before dental implant surgery, for example:

  • Systematic: if a patient suffers from a disease, has a disability, physical or mental disability.
  • Pharmacological: if a patient is currently taking specific medications, is allergic to any medication, anaesthesia or other substance.
  • Psychological: if a patient suffers from depression, emotional instability, fears or anxieties. The key of implantology does not reside in dental treatment itself, but in how professionally it is performed.

The key solutions that we offer in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio are to understand a patient and remove all the factors that might impede to carry out a dental treatment. Thanks to a variety of professionals who work in our dental clinic we are able to apply an appropriate dental implant treatment to a different patient. If you have visited a dental clinic that could not offer you a necessary treatment, remember that the first consultation in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio is completely free. Come and find out whether you can change your life by means of the best dental implantology.


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