Endodontics in Advanced Dental Clinic Asensio

Endodontics is one of the treatments in which we specialize in Asensio Advanced Dentistry. Endodontics is the medical procedure, performed by a dentist, which consists in the elimination of the pulp of the tooth and its subsequent sealing. The pulp of the tooth is the softest part of it, which is located under the tooth enamel.


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Endodontics is practiced when the inner pulp of the tooth has been infected. Normally the infection comes from a decay, which has managed to access the dental pulp through the enamel. In these cases, most patients have discomfort in the area and go to the dentist to mitigate their pain. In Asensio we provide a mild local anesthetic if necessary, to calm the patient and make the treatment as comfortable as possible.


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The procedure to perform an endodontics is simple to explain, however the success rate in the endodontics is not very high, due to factors that we will explain in the next point. An upper point of the tooth is perforated and the dental pulp is eliminated. Depending on the technology of the clinic you can use the traditional irrigator and other more innovative and effective methods.


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In Asensio Advanced Dentistry we use state-of-the-art technology to achieve unseen success rates in endodontics. On the one hand, it is difficult to see in detail which are the most affected points inside the tooth, so we use a ZEISS microscope with which we achieve a unique precision. In addition, we use the FOX III laser to eliminate the infected pulp, with a bactericidal power much greater than the conventional irrigator. In this way, the combination of the two instruments with expert dentists, we ensure a 99% success rate in endodontics.

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