Types of implants, which is the best for me?

In Advanced Dentistry Asensio we keep offering various options of dental implants that depend on the characteristics of the individual patient and his or her necessities. It is not the same to replace a tooth or two than to replace the whole dental arch.

dental-implants-blog-1Dental implants are titanium components that replace the natural teeth in their functional and aesthetic form. The most common procedure is to place dental implants during a short and painless operation. In order to do this, we put a patient under a local anaesthesia, as, since it is a minimal surgery, the general anaesthesia is not necessary.

Mahmutlar If I wish to replace only one tooth

The replacement of one tooth is an easier and simpler procedure. If we perform only one incision, the discomfort and the duration of the treatment are minimal.

http://advanceddentalmn.com/ If I need to replace two or more consecutive teeth

Another very common treatment is replacing natural teeth with implant-supported bridges. There are two implants placed in the jaw bone and these become a bridge to other artificial teeth.

where can i buy neurontin If I need to replace the whole dental arch

Thanks to the advancements in modern dentistry, nowadays we can completely replace both arches without discomfort and with just four implants per arch, all in one day. The method called All-on-four has made a revolution at all levels: the patient does not feel discomfort and does not have to undergo long treatments. Also, the treatment is cheaper.

These are three the most common procedures that meet the needs of our patients. However, there are also other types of procedures, for example, complicated cases when there is not enough bone in the maxillaries.

Remember that in Advanced Dentistry Asensio the first visit is completely free, including radiography, diagnosis and a plan of treatment.

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