Types of implants, which is the best for me?

At Dental Asensio, we offer various types of implants to cater to each patient’s unique needs and circumstances. Whether you need to replace a single tooth or an entire dental arch, we have the right solution for you.

Dental implants are titanium components that mimic natural teeth in both function and appearance. The standard procedure for placing these types of implants involves a short, painless operation under local anaesthesia, as general anaesthesia is not necessary for this minimally invasive surgery.


Single Tooth Replacement: Types of Implants

Replacing a single tooth is a relatively simple and straightforward process. A single incision is made, keeping discomfort and treatment duration to a minimum. This type of implant seamlessly integrates with your existing teeth for a natural look and feel.

Replacing Multiple Consecutive Teeth

For replacing two or more consecutive teeth, implant-supported bridges are a common treatment option. Two implants are placed in the jawbone to support additional artificial teeth. This type of implant solution restores both function and aesthetics to your smile.

Types of Implants: Replacing the Entire Dental Arch

Modern dentistry advancements enable us to replace entire dental arches comfortably and efficiently, with just four implants per arch, all in one day. The All-on-four method revolutionizes treatment at all levels: patients experience minimal discomfort, shorter treatment times, and lower costs. This type of implant is ideal for those who have lost most or all of their teeth due to injury, decay, or other issues.

These are three of the most common types of implants that address our patients’ needs. However, other procedures may be necessary for more complex cases, such as when there is insufficient bone in the maxillaries. In such cases, bone grafting or alternative types of implants may be recommended to ensure a successful outcome.

At Dental Asensio, our team of skilled professionals is committed to providing the best possible care and helping you choose the right type of implant for your situation. We prioritize patient satisfaction and strive to offer the most effective and efficient solutions for your dental needs.

Remember that at Dental Asensio, the initial visit, including radiography, diagnosis, and treatment plan, is completely free. Don’t hesitate to contact us and start your journey to a healthier, more confident smile with the right types of implants for you.

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