Smile again – choose dental rejuvenation!

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Every day in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we meet patients whose teeth are not as healthy and good looking as they were some time ago.

It is normal that over the years the health of teeth is being affected by lots of factors, for example such dental problems as grinding or bruxism, changes in chewing, daily habits of smoking tobacco or drinking coffee and others which damage and wear out the enamel. As a result, a tooth loses its colour, becomes yellow and also loses its natural age. In the majority of cases a tooth also breaks. Read more

Smile again – choose dental rejuvenation!
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Complex case ALL ON FOUR


Doctor Lucia Asensio and her team members performing the most advanced dental implant technique: ALL ON FOUR. A complete restoration of the upper jaw bone that has edentulism and maxillary bone atrophy. Read more

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We talk about myths and realities of dental health


In Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we wanted to dedicate a few words to those myths and rumours that had always been circulating about dental health. The majority of myths are based on logical assumptions, however, in order to be able to use the most convenient hygiene methods it is necessary to understand the real facts about oral hygiene. Read more

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Dental treatment – everything in one day


No matter which treatment you would need, we assure you that in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio you will get the best care and the best results. Moreover, regular visits to the clinic that might appear tiresome or even too slow are no longer a must!

All treatments in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio are performed in one day. One of the examples is an implant treatment All-on-four which includes only four implants that are placed in mouth to put a fixed denture of one arch. These treatments are available thanks to the latest technology, various surgery rooms and the best specialist in each field of oral health that we have in Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio. In this way, we achieve double advantage: a complete, safe and reliable treatment, results that are unimaginable, everything is done in one day and prices could not be better! Read more

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Zygomatic Implants

In Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we have solutions for all types of patients, including the ones that suffer from severe bone atrophy due to the loss of the bone.

Zygomatic implants are our solution for you. It is a very advanced technique developed in Sweden which is an excellent alternative in treating patients who lost their teeth and have low bone mass. The application of treatment does not require using bone grafts from other parts of the body. Read more

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Dental implants: we analyze your case to find the most proper solution for you


There are many different types of dental implant techniques each one designed to meet specific patient needs: All-on-Four, removable, hybrid or fixed prosthesis, etc. and in the majority of dental clinics you would find this type of treatments. Read more

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All-on-four: Goodbye to artificial dentures in a day


In Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we can offer you the latest dental implant treatment performed by qualified professionals. This treatment allows us to replace dental pieces with a fixed denture and without a palate. Both upper and lower arches can be replaced with fixed prosthesis on the same day by using only FOUR implants. This technique permits to chew and smile again without being afraid of anything.

Hundreds of thousands of people in all over the world enjoy this advanced dental technique that does not only permit to save their time and money, but also makes them feel psychologically better because of the radical change that the patient feels in a few hours. Read more

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Do your implants hurt?


Thanks to the modern technology, progress in medicine and dental techniques, going to see a dentist nowadays is not the same as it used to be decades ago. The continuing development of oral medicine allows us to apply fast and effective, long-lasting and allayed treatments. One of the best examples is dental implants. In the past dentists were not able to place new teeth to a patient until bone was fully integrated into the dental implant, thus, a patient would live without fixed dental pieces for about two months.

In Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio fixed dental implants are placed in one single session without feeling discomfort and applying the best available techniques. We ensure the success of treatment and the maximum comfort for the patient.

After placing dental implants

It is normal to experience some discomfort around the implant after the operation. The gum may be a little bit sensitive. Nevertheless, the discomfort disappears in less than 7 days. In this case patients must eat only easily chewable food. Besides, in Dental Asensio we place provisional prosthesis so that our patients always leave the dentist consultation with teeth.

Can I carry on with my normal life after having dental implants?

 In Advanced Dentistry Clinic Asensio we always try to maintain the natural dental root because there is nothing better than a tooth’s natural structure. However, nowadays it is almost imperceptible. It means that a patient will even forget he has fixed dental implants. They require the same oral hygiene as natural teeth, thus, there will be no change in daily routine for a patient.

If you want to know more about the price of dental implants, do not hesitate and call us. Remember that you have a free consultation with radiography and plan of treatment included and no commitment is required.

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Types of implants, which is the best for me?

In Advanced Dentistry Asensio we keep offering various options of dental implants that depend on the characteristics of the individual patient and his or her necessities. It is not the same to replace a tooth or two than to replace the whole dental arch.

dental-implants-blog-1Dental implants are titanium components that replace the natural teeth in their functional and aesthetic form. The most common procedure is to place dental implants during a short and painless operation. In order to do this, we put a patient under a local anaesthesia, as, since it is a minimal surgery, the general anaesthesia is not necessary.

If I wish to replace only one tooth

The replacement of one tooth is an easier and simpler procedure. If we perform only one incision, the discomfort and the duration of the treatment are minimal.

If I need to replace two or more consecutive teeth

Another very common treatment is replacing natural teeth with implant-supported bridges. There are two implants placed in the jaw bone and these become a bridge to other artificial teeth.

If I need to replace the whole dental arch

Thanks to the advancements in modern dentistry, nowadays we can completely replace both arches without discomfort and with just four implants per arch, all in one day. The method called All-on-four has made a revolution at all levels: the patient does not feel discomfort and does not have to undergo long treatments. Also, the treatment is cheaper.

These are three the most common procedures that meet the needs of our patients. However, there are also other types of procedures, for example, complicated cases when there is not enough bone in the maxillaries.

Remember that in Advanced Dentistry Asensio the first visit is completely free, including radiography, diagnosis and a plan of treatment.

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