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Care of Dental Implants: Essential Tips from Dental Asensio

Having dental implants is an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth, but like your natural teeth, they also require proper care. Dr Lucia Asensio and her team at Dental Asensio share several essential tips to care for your dental implants effectively.

Regular Brushing: An Essential Part of Dental Implant Care

Regardless of whether you have dental implants or natural teeth, brushing after every meal is of utmost importance. On our blog, we provide a detailed guide on the correct brushing techniques and the types of toothbrushes recommended for various dental conditions. Dental implants should be cleaned using an interdental brush three times a day, coupled with dental floss, to eliminate bacterial plaque and prevent gum inflammation.

The Role of Developer Pills in Dental Hygiene

Keeping your mouth thoroughly clean is crucial for the longevity of your dental implants. Developer pills, which can be easily obtained from pharmacies, can assist in this regard. These erythrosine tablets (used for food colouring) help stain areas where bacterial plaque is present, making it easier to ensure you’re effectively removing plaque during your oral hygiene routine.

Adopting Healthy Habits for Implant Longevity

There are certain lifestyle habits that can contribute to the health of your mouth and the durability of your dental implants. One of the key habits to adopt is avoiding tobacco consumption. In addition to staining implant crowns, tobacco use can impair the implant’s integration with the bone.

The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Finally, routine dental checkups should not be overlooked. Our team at Dental Asensio is committed to helping you maintain a beautiful smile and healthy teeth, constantly innovating and offering the latest techniques in all dental specialities for the most advanced dentistry.

Schedule your appointment with us today and put your dental health in the experienced hands of Dr Asensio and her team. Specializing in dental health, implantology, and aesthetics, we are dedicated to providing the best dental implant care in Valencia.


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