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Understanding and Preventing Childhood Cavities at Dental Asensio

For many of us, our childhood was filled with dreams of sweets. Little did we know that those sweet dreams could lead to childhood cavities, the most common chronic illness in children. But with the right preventive measures, it’s possible for children to reach adulthood with optimal oral health.

At Dental Asensio in Valencia, we understand the importance of early dental care. We recommend that children have their first dental visit before their first birthday. Our specialized team in pediatric dentistry provides a comfortable environment for our little patients, where they can play or watch their favourite shows while receiving care.

Main Causes of Childhood Cavities

The primary cause of childhood cavities is a lack of oral hygiene. Parents need to help their children maintain good dental hygiene until about the age of five. Consumption of sugars found in cereals, milk, yoghurt, cookies, and other foods is another major factor. Additionally, a lack of fluoride, especially in newly emerged teeth, can contribute to cavity development.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Childhood cavities manifest through changes in tooth colouration – teeth may become yellow and then brown. The cavities themselves may also change colour, turning brown or black. Children may experience toothaches, broken teeth, or even swelling of the face or gums.

Prevention Tips

Since caries is contagious, parents can help prevent it by not cleaning pacifiers with saliva or sharing spoons or other utensils with their children. Brushing children’s teeth once or twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, especially after consuming sugary foods, is crucial. It’s also important to monitor children’s nighttime feeding habits, as decreased saliva during sleep can encourage bacterial attacks.

How Dental Asensio Treats Cavities in Children

At Dental Asensio, we employ a variety of methods to treat cavities in children. Our dentistry team uses different consultation techniques, adapted to the youngest patients, for all types of treatment. We aim to create a safe, comfortable environment where children can enjoy their favourite shows during treatment. With such an enjoyable atmosphere, some children don’t want to leave!

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