Invisible Orthodontics

One of the most demanded techniques today is invisible orthodontics. There are two types, on the one hand we have lingual orthodontics, which consists of brackets placed on the lingual face of dental pieces. And on the other hand the so-called “transparent” orthodontics, which consists of transparent splints that are easy to remove and put on for patients.

In generic cytotec without prescription Asensio Advanced Dentistry we work with this type of technique, where each splint will be specially designed for you. In this way we will be able to align the teeth without using metallic devices, since as mentioned above, almost invisible and removable splints called aligners are used. In addition, our clinic is an Invisalign center in Valencia with Diamond level, the highest level achieveable.

  • Benefits of Invisalign Orthodontics

Invisalign invisible orthodontics is a clinically proven technique. In addition to obtaining aesthetic advantages, it presents many more:

  1. It is invisible It doesn’t show.
  2. It´s removable
  3. Comfortable
  4. Quick adaptation to your mouth.
  5. It facilitates dental hygiene.
  6. Tailored for each patient
  7. Better results are obtained in less time


  • Why perform orthodontics in Asensio Advanced Dentistry

We offer you a completely free first visit in which we will advise you and make an assessment with digital radiography. Come and see for yourself all the advantages we offer.

  1. Experience and training of a professional team.
  2. Invisalign Center in Valencia with Diamond level
  3. Quality and techniques with last generation equipment
  • Procedure

First you must go to the first visit in your trusted dental clinic, where an evaluation of the state of your mouth, a diagnosis and treatment plan with a digital orthopantomography and 3D Scanner will be carried out in order to determine what type of treatment It is advisable for you. 

In that same visit you will see how will be the end of your treatment  in a 3D simulation. Next we will proceed to the design of the Clincheck. On your second visit the medical team will inform you about the complete treatment plan and all its phases. It is a 3D simulation of your mouth to know what route your teeth will have to do to align your mouth. Thanks to this procedure, the aligners can be designed, differentiated by stages.

  • Frequent questions


  1. Is Invisalign as comfortable as they say? Yes, these are totally invisible and adaptable modern aligners that fit your needs.
  2. Can I take them off whenever I want? Being removable and 100% removable, you can take them off to eat and after a good mouth wash put them back in place. They are totally practical.
  3. Will I speak normally? At first you may find it hard to get used to it, but then you will find it as normal.
  4. How much does Invisalign treatment cost? The price of Invisalign Orthodontics will depend on the duration of each case. The simplest are less than 12 months approximately 2,100€. The cases of medium complexity (12-18 months) are about  3,200€ and finally the most complex can last up to 24 months, which would be around 4,000€.
  5. When is it recommended to use Invisalign?Especially for cases where an alignment of the teeth and the bite is needed: Cross bite, Overbite, Openbite, Crowding, Separations, Diastemas.
  6. When do we begin to feel the changes of Invisalign? It will depend on each case and the complication. Generally in about three or four weeks it will already be possible to notice some changes.
  7. Can I smoke with the use of Invisalign? The aligners should be removed when smoking. The problem with tobacco is that it can stain the splints causing spots on the aligners, in addition, the splints in your mouth must be met with the established time.

Our expert team  of dentists is committed to provide you  a beautiful smile and healthy teeth, innovating and offering you the latest techniques in all dental specialties so you can enjoy Advanced Dentistry.

Ask for your appointment with us and put yourself in the hands of the team of Dr. Asensio and Dr Lanuza, team specialized in dental health and aesthetics, to get the best treatment in Asensio Advanced Dentistry, your dental clinic in Valencia.

We will be happy to solve all your questions and help you as much as possible in your dental clinic in Valencia, so that you look your best smile without any worries.

Come visit us!


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